Ideas lie in creativity inspired by people, places, things and experiences, that not all of us can experience. This is where the gathering of people, the sharing of ideas and talking about adventure plays an important part in the birth of world-changing ideas. And what better way to bring people together than food?

Over the years our massive family has gathered at our family-owned nature reserve each holiday – detached from reality with nothing else but the sea, mountains and each other. Days are planned around eating and each meal is as extraordinary as the next. Collaboration and extreme care goes into preparing the happiness and love spread around in the form of food, inspiring and filling each individual with an energy for life.

Gathered is a platform for collaboration and inspiration. We hope to use this space to inspire people in the kitchen, to get people together and change the world. Our collection of culinary charms are here for you as a guide, a map to the belly of the world’s game changers.

Enjoy – and welcome to the family!

– Nicky & Nikki





Meet The Team

Nikki Albertyn


Nicky Albertyn