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Ahhhh. Bologna. With kilometers of stunning porticoes to walk under, this beautiful city was good for some downtime.


On the way to dinner the one night we discovered the Japanese store, MUJI – where have you been all my life! This shop is literally what dreams are made of when it comes to minimal home decor. We found a burger joint called Well Done Burgers. Ross had a Hoegarten Witbie and a Bolognese burger (deep-fried meatloaf with 24month matured parma ham, mayo and lettuce) and I had some fizzante and 3 sliders (veg, beef and pork). The food was pretty good – some might say we are nuts for having burgers in Italy but you know, when the craving strikes…



Clothing shopping in Italy was proving to be challenging for me up until Bologna, not that there wasn’t any amazing stuff – I just wasn’t prepared to splurge that much. The Hidden Forest Market was definitely a favorite. Their shop is beautifully put together and I just loved the very structured and geometric shaped clothing. They also have tons of cute-sy jewelry!




Since we came across the super cute bagel/coffee/art/kids café called ZooI have been completely obsessed. The space is beautifully decorated, open plan and multi-purpose with areas for kids to play, mom’s to have coffee and creatives to work. They even have a small exhibition space. Their food is mainly focused on health-conscious eaters so you will definitely be able to order some gluten-free cake!




While having our coffee outside Zoo Ross couldn’t resist folding a little origami bunny to leave on the table! I also just loved the colours in this shot.


Traveling to Italy I was expecting to see a lot more small businesses and shops which I only really came across here – in that way Bologna reminded me quite a bit of Cape Town (we really do live in a fantastic city).


Bologna was definitely a great place to see and I know I didn’t see as much as I could’ve but we were well rested by the time we left! I feel it’s important to pace yourself on holiday and not run around trying to see as much as you can and then you end up forgetting all you saw.


Nikki xx

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