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I love ice cream. A lot. It’s a perennial favourite that if I was told I could, I’d eat for every meal of the day. So when I was asked by my colleague at Zana, Melissa of Melissa Louise Lifestyle + Interiors  (go check her out, she’s an amazing, on-trend interior designer) to join her for an early morning ice cream breakfast, all my frozen delight fantasies culminated into an overjoyed, perhaps over-eager, “HELLS YEAH!”.

Hosted by Capsicum Cooking Studio, in collaboration with The Creamery, the mornings’ concept was based around the incorporation of ice cream into a breakfast.

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After heading to The Creamery’s beautiful new parlour down in Salt River for a factory tour and ice cream, the first year students were challenged to draw inspiration from their favourite flavour ice cream and put forth a breakfast proposal. Three students were then selected based on their idea, having to create their masterpieces and present it to us lucky folk to pick the one we loved most.

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Upon arrival at the stunning Capsicum campus, in the Rex Trueform building, we grabbed some coffee and watched eagerly through the glass into the prep kitchen as the students busied themselves with the taster dishes. Once they were ready for us we poured into the prep kitchen to devour their little breakfast jewels as well as chat to The Creamery founder, Kate Schrire about her incredibly successful ice cream business.

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 S T U D E N T  |  A Y E S H A

breakfast on-the-go

French toast brioche with buffalo mozzarella, macon crisp, black salt, coffee marshmallow + sweet cream ice cream


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 S T U D E N T  |  S H O U N E E Z

pb + j

Mini doughnut with homemade strawberry jam + peanut butter ice cream


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S T U D E N T  |  S A R A H – J A N E   for  R O Z A N N E

healthy yoghurt crunch

Yoghurt panna cotta with strawberries, rocket, crispy mango, granola crunch + coconut-lime swirl ice cream


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All three dishes were incredible and it was such a tough decision. I loved the freshness of Rozanne’s panna cotta with the coconut-lime swirl ice cream and the contrasting textures added by the granola and crispy mango.

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Shouneez’s take on peanut butter + jelly was very sweet (I mean in cute terms) and her jam was so delish – I also loved that her kids inspired her dish. My favourite however, was Ayesha’s brekkie on-the-go – it was incredible how the flavours balanced, starting with an initial sweet punch of the ice cream leading the coffee marshmallow into a wondrous salty finish by the macon crisp and black salt. Too good for words.

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Once we all placed  our votes in the teapot, they were counted and Ayesha was crowned the ice cream breakfast queen of the morning! Yay!

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Ayesha’s breakfast on-the-go


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Ayesha + Kate Schrire (The Creamery)


Thank you to the Capsicum students, the lovelies at The Creamery and Capsicum Cooking Studio for a stunning morning – ice cream for breakfast really is the best idea. EVER.


Nikki xx

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  1. Robyn March 29, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

    beautiful, looks like it was a great morning!

    • Gathered March 29, 2015 at 5:21 pm #

      Thanks dear! Was definitely one for the books x

  2. Nicky March 30, 2015 at 6:04 pm #

    A wonderful book it will be! So refreshing! Lovely photos too.

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