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It’s good to break away from your norm and get outside a bit. Being the end of the year we are inclined to let loose a lot more, and besides, computers and indoors can get a bit much. The past weekend we had the opportunity to go spend some time with friends in the beautiful Ladismith, walking, farm dam swimming with lilo races, great food and wine (obviously).



Having had a pleasant experience previously, we stayed at Koedoeskloof Country Lodge with hosts Debbie and Eugene. The rooms are comfortable given that it gets pretty scorching out there and they’re kitted out with all the necessities (tea, coffee, milk, towels, linen etc). The lodge is also in a valley that lends itself to some nature strolling which I intended on taking advantage of.







Our party was scattered across the valley so after a morning walk we met up for a swim in the Voorbaat valley at Mike and Jayne’s quaint farm dam. The picturesque valley is the perfect backdrop for a day of swimming, drinking and eating far away from reality.


Besides for doing incredibly tasty burgers, Koedoeskloof Country Lodge also does a killer breakfast that will most certainly satisfy your post-wine escapades.



Sunday breakfast was at Mymering just down the road, which is also a great option for accommodation and dining in the area. They have a superb view of the valley from the restaurant area with a bubbly to match!



Ladismith is a stunning destination for kicking back and relaxing. It also has a lot more to offer in terms of neighboring towns like Barrydale and Montague, who all deserve their own post (which I will hopefully do one day).

Nikki xx

PS: Happy birthday Mike! Thanks for getting older so we could eat that amazing carrot cake in a beautiful corner of our world :)



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