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Pastries and sweet things were never really my thing – probably ’cause I just never knew how much fun they were! Doing a part-time patisserie course has opened up a whole new world for me that I’m so excited to explore. Learning to work with fondant has been one of the most challenging aspects, having to show our skill in our November exam with a novelty cake.

noveltycake-(3-of-21) noveltycake-(9-of-21) noveltycake-(10-of-21)

After 13 hours of modeling and constructing my novelty cake, inspired by the sweet works of, is FINALLY done. I must add that 3 hours of that consists of covering and recovering the ‘cone’ base about 6 times – wow that was tricky! I eventually ended up rolling out a long strip and wrapped it around the cone instead of draping it over. It unfortunately has a seam at the back but it’s the neatest I could get it and I didn’t kill my boyfriend or cat in the process. SO everyone is happy.


My favourite part of making this dummy cake (it’s made from polystyrene instead of cake so we can practice our fondant work) was making all the sweets – liquorice, choc chips, iced cookies, merngues, giant sprinkles and cherry. Also, picking the colours is so much fun! As a designer I’m able to channel my creative energy in a way I normally wouldn’t and I believe it’s an important aspect of staying happy and inspired.

noveltycake-(20-of-21) noveltycake-(15-of-21)noveltycake-(21-of-21)

Here’s to MANY more cakes (that aren’t made from polystyrene)!

Nikki xx

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  1. Nicolette November 14, 2015 at 5:51 am #

    Too gorgeous!

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