Weekend Baking Club | Macarons

In spirit of my upcoming patisserie exams, Ben and I decided to use the opportunity to make (and practice for my sake) macarons for our most recent Weekend Baking Club. These little buggers are known to be tricky, but in all honesty, if you follow the recipe to the gram you can’t really mess them up.

This is a Silwood recipe that we adapted into a ‘Pink Milk’ variation and added our own artistic flair with some painting. We used gel food colouring diluted with a touch of water, and for the gold we used powdered gold colour mixed with a bit of vodka to retain it’s sheen.

WBC_macarons (33 of 38) WBC_macarons-(2-of-38) WBC_macarons-(7-of-38) WBC_macarons-(8-of-38) WBC_macarons-(10-of-38) WBC_macarons-(16-of-38)
WBC_macarons-(30-of-38) WBC_macarons-(26-of-38) WBC_macarons-(28-of-38) WBC_macarons-(32-of-38) WBC_macarons-(37-of-38)

Click here for the recipe.

Hope you love them as much as we do!


Nikki xx


Photography and styling by Ben and Nikki.

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